tl_files/Bilder/CV/IMG_1760.jpgSana Schönle

1977  born in Riedlingen (D) / lives and works in Berlin
  studies in the animation class (Visual Communication)
  at the University of Fine Arts, Kassel
2007  Degree in Visual Communication
04-07 animation class of Prof. Thomas Meyer-Hermann
  and Prof. A. Hykade
99-04 animation class of Professor Paul Driessen

Films as Writer and Director

2009 «The incredible sad but none the less not hopeless story of the small Kwarz»
puppet animation/cut-out,13mins,
labelled „especially valueable" („Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll“) and awarded as
the film of the month by the FBW Wiesbaden, founded by Hessische Filmförderung and FFA
2005 «Schrödinger`s cat» puppet animation/cut-out, 5.37mins, 
labelled „especially valueable“ („Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll“) by the FBW
2000 „Love and death in Kassel“ puppet animation, 2 mins,
writer and director together with Astrid Hagenguth and Anne Breymann

further Filmworks

2012 sets and props 
       "Neandertaler" puppetanmiation; production: Trikk17, director: Björn Marsig;
       for ARD Sportschau

2012 production/animation
        "save the arctic"; graphic animation, 3mins  for Greenpeace  
2012 design and animation
        "die Kuchengabel"; rotoscope/collage, 3mins; for arte/karambolage 
2012 animation, special props
        "A little suicide"; puppetanimation/live action; director: Ana Lily Amirpour
        production: Ambrosia Films/Berlin

2011 sets and props 
       "R&T" puppetanmiation teaser; production: Trikk17, director: Sandra Schiessl

2011 idea and realisation
        "sprout" commercial competition for "silk"; drawing animation, 30secs

2011 idea and realisation together with Bernhard Schmitt
       "spendierhäuschen" commercial competition for "check 24";puppetanimation, 30secs 
        award: 1. price

2010 realisation
       "copygirl", cut-out, commercial, 20 secs 

2009 production, drawing animation, compositing,
«Boule» drawing animation/rotoscope, 5.50 mins, director: Björn Ullrich

2008 props, compositing
«Carabou prolog», puppet animation, 3.50mins, director Björn Ullrich

2008 props
«Ludovic», puppet animation, series, scopas media AG, Cité Amérique, Pedri Animation

2008 head of set and props together with Klaus Morschheuser
«sandman teaser»,puppet animation, movie trailer; scopas media AG, StudioSoi, director:SinemSakaoglu

2006 head of set and props
«Zwerge» ,pitch, puppet animation, scopas medien AG, director: Sven Unterwaldt jr.

2005 head of set and props
«Dragon II», puppet animation, scopas media AG; Cité Amérique, ZDF, director: Philip Marcus et al.

2004 head of set and props
«Cirque du noel», puppet animation; scopas media AG, arte, director: Thomas Schneider

2003 head of set and props
«Frau Holle», puppet animation, short movie, 13min; scopas media AG, ZDF, director: Thomas Schneider

2002 set and guest animator
«Himmelsstürmer», puppet animation, commercial for the state theatre of Kassel, director: Anne Breymann

2001 sets and props
«MTV Celebrity Deathmatch, Germany», puppet animation series, Studio Filmbilder, MTV,
director: Andy Kaiser

2001 set
«Der moderne Zyklop», puppet animation, short movie; Studio Filmbilder, director: Daniel Nocke

1999 assistance to director, set and props
«Pikaro hebt ab», puppet animation, short movie; ZDF, director: Norbert Hobrecht