"The incredible sad but none the less not hopeless story of the small Kwarz"

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puppet animation/cut-out, 13 mins, 2009

The inhabitants of the colourful planet glam are not happy. They are fed up with the Kwarzs crashing their
parties all the time. They decide to get rid of them by transporting them to a place where they won‘t
be able to wreck things as easily. So little Kwarz ends up in a destroyed town on earth where he
meets the depressed inhabitants. He tries to communicate by provoking them, however all seems
hopeless for the little kwarz - will he find a way out?

crew: idea, director and sets: Sana Schönle; camera, lighting and edit : Björn Ullrich; animation: Susanna
Jerger, Tandie Langton et al.; puppets: Anne Breymann, Kadda Vogel et al.; soundtrack: Marco Kühnl
sounds: Björn Ullrich, Hannes Druener; voices: Klaus Beyer and Lola; compositing: Florian Grolig, Bao-
ying Liu et al.; executive production: Manuela Greipel, Franziska Frömel
The short puppet animation movie was quoted „especially valuable“ („Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll“)
and awarded as the film of the month by the Filmbewertungsstelle FBW Wiesbaden, January 2009
The film is founded by Hessische Filmförderung and by FFA

the making of Kwarz

  • Dog
  • Dog and Kwarz
  • Kwarz animating
  • Kwarz entering the park
  • Lola
  • body replacements
  • camera
  • cut out
  • first setup
  • jump phases
  • mouth replacements
  • painting background
  • rigging
  • set building