"Schrödingers Katze"

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"Schrödinger`s cat" Puppetanimation/cut-out, 5:37 min, 2005; writer and director
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Schrödingers Katze / Schrödinger`s cat

puppet animation/cut-out, 5:30 mins, 2005

The physicist Schrödinger makes an unusual experiment to find out how a nuclear element works.
 This experiment jeopardizes his cat`s life and brings Schrödinger to the limits of his imagination.

crew: director and realization: Sana Schönle; camera and lighting: Astrid Hagenguth, Fabian
 Koppenhöffer, Alex Seitz; edit and sounds: Björn Ullrich; music: Hans-Joachim Irmler; voices: 
Klaus Beyer, Christoph Steinau, Marta Malowanczyk; Compositing: Joachim Sagwitz, Alexander Ebel